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Why I Started This Blog

My name is Noah Siegel and I am a Sleep Medicine physician practicing in Boston.  I created this blog as an outlet for sleep related content for the general population because almost everyone has sleep ‘issues’ or lives with someone who does.    Common sleep issues include inadequate sleep, difficulty falling asleep, night time pain or problems with snoring.   We used to believe that sleep was simply a time when the body shuts down and not much really happened.  This could not be further from the truth.  Our understanding of sleep is rapidly advancing and we are beginning to understand the tremendous power of sleep!  Essentially, sleep is recovery.  Sleep is our body’s way of restoring itself, consolidating memory, clearing the waste from our brains and so much more.  Optimal sleep promotes cognition/memory, performance, learning  and even can reduce our risk of cancers, heart disease and stroke.    My goal is to regularly provide my readers with information on advances in our understanding of sleep and suggest ways to optimize their sleep.